Get Your Child on the Right Educational Track

Come to us for home-schooling assistance in Tuscaloosa, AL

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your child's education. That's why C&J Resources provides a center for home-schooling to help them excel in their strengths and improve on their weaknesses. Our Tuscaloosa, AL center is available for children of all ages. Students K-12 have a curriculum tailored to them, while pre-K students learn through hands-on activities.

For more information on home-schooling assistance for your child, call 205-523-1656.

When should you get extra help for your child?

If you believe that your child is starting to fall behind, don't wait to get them help. Consider looking to us for home-schooling assistance if:

  • Your child is reading at a lower level than their peers
  • Your child struggles with math or science
  • Your child has a harder time learning certain concepts
  • Your child spends an excessive amount of time on their homework
Our center for home-schooling in Tuscaloosa, AL will help your child catch up and get ahead of their peers. We'll work out all of the problem areas so that they can succeed.